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Tailored Replenishing Sets

Tailored Replenishing Sets

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This is no ordinary kit, darling—it's a curated experience, a symphony of indulgence crafted especially for your fabulous bridesmaids to revel in within the glorious 24 hours surrounding your bachelorette extravaganza or dreamy wedding day

Imagine a pre- bachelorette party or wedding spa night with self-warming eye masks for stress relief, ensuring you wake up refreshed. On the big day, gold eye patches enhance your radiance as you prepare to stand by the bride. Post-celebration, three hydration packets keep the party going.

Rest easy knowing this kit is a gift of pure bliss, and the chic transparent case becomes a lasting memento. Here's to bubbly indulgence and unforgettable moments

**Tip: We have a tread where the bride orders her bag in white and the rest of her babes in a different color!


This listing is for ONE clear make up bag

What's included:
1 Clear make up bag (7.5 x 5.9 x 2.2 inch)
1 Jet setter Self- warming sleep mask (colors may vary due to availability)
1 pair under eye pads
1 make up remover wipe
1 pack of Kleenex (design May vary due to availability)
1 Fashion tape ( no free peep shows here!)
1 pack of Advil
1 Pack of Tums
1 Purell hand sanitizer travel sized bottle
1 CELSIUS on the Go Powder Stick Pack (flavor may vary due to availability)
1 Emergency Elderberry + Immunity on the Go powder Stick pack
1 Liquid IV Stick Pack (flavor may vary due to availability)
2 Mouth Wash Packets
2 Stall mates wipes
2 clear Band-aids

******Legal Disclaimer: Use products at your own risk. Always consult your physician if you have any questions about the use of these products. Forever Luna is not responsible for any injury products may cause.********


How to order:

When ordering more than one kit, please fill in name desired in text box then select the color of cosmetic case and add to cart, repeat these steps as needed. 

**please ensure spelling is correct as names will be copy and pasted as left in box. 



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