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Cheers to You

Cheers to You

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Elevate your bridal squad's celebrations with our Champagne Flute Set. Perfect for sipping in style, these flutes accompany your bridesmaids from engagement and bachelorette parties to the glamorous morning of the wedding. Ensure picture-perfect moments and uniform chic vibes as you all get ready, toasting to your radiant future during those unforgettable wedding toasts. Complete with a scented candle, matches, and a touch of gummy bear sweetness .Cheers to bubbly moments and luxury galore! 🥂💍🌟

Gift package includes

+ Elegant Pink Peony scented candle
+ Glass pink Champagne flute - holds up to 6oz + 7 7/8inches (H)
+ Charming matches with stick on the bottom of the bottle - match color may vary from white and dusty pink
+ Luxury candy - Champagne Gummies - 3.4 oz. - proudly made in USA
+ Card of your choice

Each set is thoughtfully nestled amidst a sea of shredded paper and tissue in a Pink gift box adorned with a dainty bow, awaiting your delight.


I am purchasing several gift sets, can I send them to multiple addresses?
Yes! If you can please purchase each gift set SEPARATELY per ship to address, we will be able to route the order to the correct address. We also send these assembled at no additional cost since one assembled box is complimentary per order.

A quick note on substitutions: 

Here at FL& Co. , we're all about celebrating the unique and extraordinary. Our gift boxes proudly showcase treasures from small-batch and local artisans, adding that extra special touch to your surprises. Occasionally, though, these dazzling goodies might decide to take a little vacation from our shelves without much warning.

No worries, though! In the event that an item decides to play hide-and-seek during your order, we've got the perfect backup plan. We reserve the right to sprinkle a bit of magic by substituting it with something equally delightful – of the same type, or maybe even grander! Rest assured, we'll dance as close as possible to your original pick, ensuring it meets our sky-high standards of quality and style. 


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